Geophysical Logging

Geophysical Logging

A chip and core cannot be independently relied upon as a completely accurate record of interval depths or thickness.  The geophysical log is used to confirm the actual depth and thickness of significant lithology intervals.

Down-hole survey or geophysical borehole logging may be used to measure a number of physical properties of the geological formation intersected by boreholes.

MINTEC has 2 sets of Side Wall Density Gamma, Vertical probe sets “Robertson Geologging” and 2 sets of Radiation source (Cs 137). The old version of logging set was acquired on August 2009 and our new version was acquired in August, 2015. MINTEC was experienced over 200.000m in logging. Geophysical logging is carried out by our Radiation workers which are licensed by BAPETEN (National Government of Nuclear Institution) and assist by our reliable logging assistant.

Sidewall Density Gamma and Sidewall Density Guard Sonde
Verticality Probe
50 mm
42 mm
Lenght x Weight
2.88 m x 20 kg
1.65 m x 7 kg
Max. Temperature
Max. Pressure
20 MPa
20 MPa
Density Detectors
Nal (TI) Scintillation Crystal
Density Spacings
48 cm (LSD) 24 cm (HRD) 14 cm (BRD)
Calibrated Density Range (LSD)
1 to 3.0 g/cc
Natural Gamma Detector
50 mm x 25 mm Nal (TI) Scintillation Crystal
50 mm x 25 mm Nal (TI) Scintillation Crystal
Caliper Range
50 mm to 300 mm
Resistivity Range
1 ~ 10.000 ohm-m
Inclination Range : 0° ~ 180° Inclination Accuracy : +/-0.5°
Azimuth Range
0° ~ 360°
Compensated Density, Natural Gamma, Caliper, High Resolution Density HRD, Bed-Resolution Density BRD, Temperature, Focused Resistivity
Borehole Inclination, Borehole Direction, Borehole Drift, True Vertical Dept
Standard Operating Procedures
Working Instructions

Standard Operating Procedure

SOP/MIN/LOG/001. Geophysical logging


STD/MIN/LOG/001. Safety working at Radiation area

Working instructions

WI/MIN/LOG/001. Formation density logging
WI/MIN/LOG/002. Vertical sonde logging
WI/MIN/LOG/003. Well logging data interpretation