Data base & Modelling

Data base & Modelling

Database integrity is worked out by geologists. LogCheck is our Exploration Software for Traceable database. LogCheck (supported by GeoCheck, Australia) is a windows-based system for the management of coal exploration data.

Main activities of Database Integrity :

  1. Ensure that exploration data stored in a reliable database.
  2. Ensure that exploration data has not been corrupted by manual error.
  3. Ensure that exploration data has been validated by used procedures.
  4. Traceable geological data and geological data reconciliation.

Geological correlations & Modelling work out by exploration geologist in corporation with Mine engineer.
MineScape (supported by Mitrais) is our Geological-Mining software for geological modelling and pit design planning.
Geological interpretation only carries out by exploration geologist.

Main activities of Geological correlations & Modelling are:

  1. Evaluation geological data from any different projects
  2. Geological correlations and geological modelling of project area.
  3. Geological assurance.
  4. Geological information related project area.
  5. Stratigraphic information in exploration area.
Standard Operating Procedures
Working Instructions
SOP/MIN/DP/001. Core description
SOP/MIN/DP/002. Coal sampling & handling
SOP/MIN/DP/003. Drilling data processing
SOP/MIN/DP/004. Drilling incentive calculation
SOP/MIN/DP/005. Geological reporting to costumer
SOP/MIN/DP/006. Quality control of geological report
SOP/MIN/DP/007. Handling of inappropriate report
SOP/MIN/DP/008. Geological report storage
SOP/MIN/DP/009. Making of Geological report


STD/MIN/DP/001. Coal log dictionary
STD/MIN/DP/002. Channel sampling
STD/MIN/DP/003. Coring sampling
STD/MIN/DP/004. Lithology grouping
STD/MIN/DP/005. LogCheck data processing
STD/MIN/DP/006. Drilling incentive calculation
STD/MIN/DP/007. Drilling support incentive calculation
WI/MIN/DP/001. Core description
WI/MIN/DP/002. Channel sampling
WI/MIN/DP/003. Core sampling
WI/MIN/DP/004. Inputting LogCheck data
WI/MIN/DP/005. Inputting & Analizing MineScape data
WI/MIN/DP/006. Making of Drilling log
WI/MIN/DP/007. Making of Geological cross section
WI/MIN/DP/008. Geological modelling & correlation
WI/MIN/DP/009. Geological data reconciliation
WI/MIN/DP/010. Making of Touch coring working plan
WI/MIN/DP/011. Core recovery calculation
WI/MIN/DP/012. Drilling incentive calculation
WI/MIN/DP/013. Reporting of drilling data
WI/MIN/DP/014. Daily drilling reporting to costumer