Mintec Database


STD Trenching

In exploration world, MINTEC not only expert the downhole survey, but also a surface exploration by executing a trenching. MINTEC also owns Trenching standard regarding to this.

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STD Rock lab sampling (Core sample)

To achieve a good value of rock test, Engineer must give more attention in sampling. Only representative sample could be sampled and continue to the next preparation into a test specimen. Regarding to this, MINTEC owns a special standard to the rock laboratory sampling.

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STD Safety working in Radiation area

The radiation sources effect any radiation spreading and this radiation dosage must be monitored regularly. The radiation workers also being completed with TLD badge. Regarding to this, MINTEC owns a standard about safety working in Radiation area.

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STD Coal Log Dictionary

A good database system of exploration database is a data storage system which is tracable and can easily be validated. Supported by an exploration software (LogCheck), MINTEC owns a standard in geological data input.

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STD Touch coring mechanism

Touch coring method is one of drilling methods which require a right interpretation and correlation of geological data. MINTEC owns a specific standard to reach seam coal target which named Touch coring drilling mechanism.

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